Supported Formats

PCBSynergy supports the following SMT output formats as of the writing of this page.(15 October 2023)

APS Novastar *.PRG
Essemtec *.BRD
Essemtec *.PIK
Europlacer *.dp
Charmhigh CHM-T36VA *.DPV
Charmhigh CHMT530P4 *.DPV
Fuji CP642 *.PGO
Fuji CP732 *.PGO
Fuji MCS2 *.DAT
Fuji QP132 *.PGO
Fuji XP142 *.PGO
GenCad v1.3 *.CAD
Juki KJ02 *.J12
Juki KE710 *.G2C
Juki KE720 *.G2G
Juki KE730 *.G3C
Juki KE740 *.G3G
Juki KE750 *.G3C
Juki KE760 *.G3G
Juki KE2010 *.E41
Juki KE2020 *.E42
Juki KE2030 *.E43
Juki KE2040 *.E44
Juki KE2050 *.E45
Juki KE2060 *.E46
Juki KE2070 *.E47
Juki KE2080 *.E48
Juki KP620 *.P5A
Juki JX100 LED *.gx8
Juki FlexProg *.CAD
Manncorp 7722 *.SEQ
Marrantz 22XDL-350 *.NCD
Mirae *.PRG
MyData TPSYS 2.6.5 *.PCB
MyData TPSYS 2.7 *.BRD
Neoden TM220A *.CSV
Neoden TM240A *.CSV
Neoden TM245A *.CSV
Neoden 4 *.CSV
Panasonic BM123 *.POS
Panasonic BM133 *.POS
Panasonic BM221 *.POS
Panasonic BM231 *.POS
Panasonic CM88 *.POS
Panasonic CM402 *.POS
Panasonic MMCG3 *.POS
Panasonic MSH2 *.POS
Panasonic MSR *.POS
Panasonic MV2C *.POS
Panasonic MV2F *.POS
Panasonic MV2V *.POS
Panasonic RH6 *.POS
Philips ACM *.ASP
Philips CSM *.txt UFOS, VIOS (same as Yamaha)
Philips FCM *.ASP
Philips FTIP v2 *.FTP
Samsung *.SSA
Samsung 421 *.XML
Samsung CP40 *.PCB
Samsung CP45 *.PCB
Samsung SM321 *.PCB
Samsung SM421 *.XML
Samsung SM471 *.PCB
Samsung SM472 *.PCB
Samsung SM482 *.PCB
Sanyo *.POS
Sanyo TCM3000Z *.NCZ
Sanyo TCM3500Z *.NCZ
Sanyo HSP4797 *.pca
Siemens Siplace *.NC
Test (formats that are currently in development and not ready for general use)

Access ADO SQL
GCPlace *.CAD
MPI CSV *.sb0
Lalonde CSV *.CSV
Europlacer ASCII *.dp
Fabmaster FATF *.FAB
Juki XML *.x01
Marantz 22XXDL-350 NCD *.NCD
Rohrhofer CSV *.CSV
Tescon 501 *.DAT
TWS Quadra *.QPF
Universal HSP4785 *.pca
Versatronics TFR *.TFR
VisualPlace PCB CSV *.CSV

UNICAM *.txt
Yamaha YM6021 *.BRD, *.FDR
Yamaha VIOS (V1.21,V1.23), UFOS (several variants)
Yamaha YM series YM84,YM66, YM100 *.txt
Yamaha YV series YV84, YV100 *.txt
Yamaha YG series *.ygx (XML)
Yamaha YP series *.ygx
Zevatech 800 *.@#%
Zevatech 810 *.@#%
Zevatech 570 *.P5A (different to Juki KP620 *.P5A)
Zevatech 560 *.P3B
Zevatech 470 *.PRO
Zevatech FlexProg *.CAD (several variants)

PCBSynergy supports the following Import formats:

Protel Autotrax *.PCB ascii
Protel for Windows 2.8 *.PCB ascii
Protel 98 *.PCB, *.SCH ascii
Protel 99, 99SE *.PCB, *.SCH  ascii
Altium Designer ascii *.PCBDOC, *.SCHDOC ascii
Protel *.PIK
          PADS 2005 *.asc
          PCAD *.PCB ascii (viewer not complete)
Cadstar *.CSA, *.CPA, *.PAF (CADIF) (viewer not complete)
Essemtec *.BRD binary
Excel *.CSV (a generic PCB CSV reader)
Eagle 6.0 *.BRD generic binary
Eagle 6.0 *.BRD (XML)
Kicad *.BRD PCBNEW ascii
Kicad *.kicad_pcb PCBNEW ascii
Kicad *.SCH EESCHEMA ascii
gEDA(in development not released)
          GenCAD 1.4 (viewer not complete)
Orcad Specctra *.DSN (withdrawn: This format doesn't have a enough detail to be useful for centrepoint extraction)
Orcad *.MIN 9.2 ascii

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