Fixed Feeders

Fixed Feeders Browse Dialog
The New Fixed Feeders tab is being added to bit by bit with Feeder Reading from existing SMT machine files.
The first machines to be added are Juki KE730(*.G3C),KE740(*.G3G),KE750(*.G3C),KE760(*.G3G).
Next is the Juki KP620(*.P5A) and the Zevatech PM570 (*.P5A)
Also Excel Feeder files (*.CSV)
To open  this Dialog, click on the Browse button in the bottom right of the Fixed Feeders Tab

Juki KE730 Example

Juki KE750 Fixed Feeders

This example file was taken from a running Juki KE730 machine (*.G3C) file. PCBSynergy can currently read the file but the data in the Grid is non editable
 If you get a feeder match when you click on the Add Fixed Feeder buttton the data is copied in binary to the output file when you also click Save Feeders on the Feeder List Grid above it.
More work needs to be done on some of the field values, as the reverse engineering effort was done on a small sample of files.

CSV Example
This is an example of a existing files feeder component being read so the fixed feeders can be added to an existing file.

CSV Fixed Feeders

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