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An Altium/Protel/CSV to SMT Machine and BOM Program.

PCBSynergy is an Offline Programming Tool for various Surface Mount Machines and a Bill of Materials(BOM) generator.
It works with the Altium/Protel family of CAD formats, as well as Cadstar, Eagle,GenCAD, Kicad, Orcad, PADS and Excel PCBCSV files which are
exported from other PCB CAD programs.
It generates files for over 80 different SMT machines from 11 manufacturers.
Unlike competing software products it takes about 5 minutes or less to generate a new file for a first time SMT machine user.
Being currently free it is a good choice to practice on a newly acquired older machine.
PCBSynergy will shortly going commercial with many new features!

Its interface is designed a little differently to a standard Windows Application.
With the File convertor/generator paradigm in mind, the initial Screen you see is the file input and output locations.
You initially set these up and then move to the second screen, which sets the Options you may wish to select.
Next you hit the Process button which is on both the Files and Options screens for convenience.
This will then generate all the output files. You may then want to add costings to the Output files.
You then go to the Library screen to do this by importing costs in an Excel CSV file.
Other dialogs exist for generating Board Offsets (The Origin Calculator). This application was
designed for the small electronics establishment that may have only one standalone SMT machine.
It aims to make the organization of ordering and purchasing components, and setting up an SMT machine less painful.
Since it uses CSV files for its cost setup, it is not a replacement for a full blown MRP (Material Resource Planning)
Database or a multi-machine SMT line file generator.

PCBSynergy files

Opening an Eagle XML file. This screen has had the MRU file dropdownList added.

Opening Kicad file

Opening a new Kicad_pcb file with PCBSynergy, The new Kicad Icon has been added to PCBSynergy

Version Beta available for download

Version Beta Release Added new Tango file reading, Arc reading in Altium outline, Cadstar updates, Fiducial reading updates,

Version Beta Release Added new Mydata Tpsys 2.6.5 file, Mydata Tpsys 2.7 file fixes, New CharmHigh CHM-T530P4 DPV file, New Neoden 4, TWS Quadra QFF fixes

Version Beta Release Added new Eagle XML BRD file reading, New PCBViewers for Altium, Protel, Eagle XML and Binary, Kicad V1 BRD and kicad_pcb,
GenCAD, PCAD, PCBViewer WinAPI speedup, PCB file reading speedup's.Cad file DropDown Most Recently Used List

Version Beta Release Added new Cadstar,  ORCAD, PCAD, Gencad file readers. Updated PCB viewer, VisualPlace Integration,
minor Bug Fixes, Sorting of Designators, Zevatech PM570/Juki KP620  fixes, added TWS Quadra *.QFP, added Europlacer *.dp
Updated file generation warnings.

Version Release Added Manufacturer icons and CAD icons (Just Cosmetics). Few minor Bug Fixes

Version Beta Release Added new PCB CSV reading. This will read just about any exported CSV (that is comma, tab,space
separated PCB file generated by just about any PCB program.) If not a little judicious editing of column labels should make it work!

Version Beta Release Added new Zevatech/Juki outputs 470, 560, HLC (P3B,PRO,G2H)
Added MPI (sb0), Added GCPlace

Version Beta Release  Added feeder swapping.  minor fix in Mydata TP Sys 2.7
Added more Juki 2000 and 700 series and Yamaha YP/YG machines, more Panasonic machines.
Updated Options tab, User interface cleansing, more work on feeder swapping(bug fix in Beta).
Added Checkbox for value and footprint in feeder output. Review of all existing output formats.
Fixed Altium Designer multiple schematic reading

Revised PCB Viewer

This is a jpeg of the revised PCB Viewer with a complex double layer Altium file ( )

This is a JPEG of a part of  the VNA at

New Fixed Feeders Tab Added

Fixed Feeders

This is the new Fixed Feeders Option for installing existing fixed feeders into the current feeder list and then into the output files.

The new file readers Added

New file readers for Cadstar CPA,CSA,PAF, GenCAD, OrCAD MIN, PCAD PCB, Kicad SCH and Now Eagle XML BRD and Kicad kicad_pcb

The new Options Tab


This screen has had Remove REF/TP (reference and Test Points) Checkbox added!
New CharmHigh machines added to manufacturers list

The new Origin Calculator Tab

The PCB Board Size parameters have been added to this Dialog, so if CAD file reads correctly it will appear here.
If you are using a newer reader or a PIK or CSV file which doesn't contain this data, you can add it here.

The new Components Tab

Setup Beta.exe (Windows version only) Download

Setup Beta.exe (Windows version only) Download

Setup Beta.exe (Windows version only) Download

Setup Beta.exe (Windows version only) Download

Setup Beta.exe (Windows version only) Download 

Documentation (Word DOC)  Download

Documentation Version 7(Word DOC)  Download

Example file (Protel PCB) Download
Changelog (Txt) Download

Links to Web pages you may find helpful getting your SMT machine working   Links
The formats that this program currently supports  Supported Formats
A Freqently Asked Questions file (Txt) FAQ's   New PCB CSV questions added, Version questions added
Fixed Feeders Examples Fixed Feeders
If you have a problem with any of the formats, for the machines in the program or wish to add a machine to the list and
have some example formats, or even old manuals in PDF, please feel free to contact me!
Or have an observation on the program or a change you would like to suggest . I will Listen!
I want this to be the premier small SMT program on the web and only your help will get it there!

When contacting via email, include [PCBSynergy] in the subject line. [to beat the SPAM]